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"We heard about Jennifer Trested's Music Together class in Westbury through word of mouth and now understand why there is such buzz about her -- like us, most of the other families in our class drive from other towns (many of which have Music Together classes locally, which are wonderful, I'm sure) just to be in Jennifer's Music Together class. Our daughter (now one year old) started Music Together when she was five months old, and we have been amazed at how enthusiastically and joyfully she participates in class. Even when she went through "stranger anxiety", she would still respond happily to Jennifer, amazingly. And, there is something about the magical, relaxed yet subtly structured, and non-judgmental rapport that Jennifer strikes that is just right for our family, and that evokes a great spirit in the class as a whole. Neither my husband nor I can carry a note, yet we both sing along with great enthusiasm in class, feeling no judgment at all -- in fact, we tend to leave class feeling exhilarated and giggly ourselves, truly enjoying the spirit of the group and continuing with the CD and singing at home! And, to our surprise, many relatives and friends have noticed our daughter's tendency to bounce and "drum" in rhythm to music and "sing" along, which we're sure comes from having Music Together as part of our life as a new family -- the research underlying this program seems to be on target! Music Together has really been a very special part of our daughter's first year!"
Chugh/Singh Family, Garden City

I adopted my daughter from Russia when she was 10 months old, and shortly thereafter, we joined Jennifer's Music Together classes in Westbury. My daughter had never heard music before and was captivated. Music was one of the first ways my daughter and I connected, and Jenn and her class was a big part of that. Part of our bedtime ritual is to sing a lullaby from Music Together, and often when we are reading together, she will ask for a song too. So music continues to connect us. Jenn's creative approaches keep all the kids interested, from the tiny babies to the active toddlers. Everyone participates in their own way, at their own level. We now live 40 minutes away from Westbury, and wouldn't consider switching teachers for anything!
The Albert Family/Long Beach, NY

In regard to a training that was recently conducted:

Just a note thanking you for a wonderful presentation on Saturday. All I can say is "WOW!!" I was so impressed with your approach of the topic. It was EXACTLY what I was hoping for. These child care providers are constantly searching for relevant information to help them become better teachers. Your presentation did just that.

Hi-Hello Annual Conference